Available Dogs


Cody is a ​6​ year old male Shih Tzu weighing in at a compact 8 lbs. Cody is house trained and loves to go outside for short walks or lounge around the yard. This Shih Tzu will dance for treats and pop up out of nowhere if he thinks you’ll share with him. This has earned him the nickname of “Cody Pop”. While this little guy sticks close to his humans, he much prefers to cuddle in the dog bed with his […]

Benji and Bree

Benji & Bree are a playful bonded pair who must be adopted together. Benji is a 14 lb. tan Havanese & Bree is a Shih Tzu. Bree is mostly white with some tan on her back & black-tipped ears. They are young – Benji is about 4 yrs. old while Bree is about 3. They are fun to watch as they chase & tumble. When they tire themselves out they take a nap together. They can be very active, but […]


Peaches is a lovable, friendly female Yorkie. She is 8 years old and weighs between 5-6 pounds, which is her ideal weight. She is currently updated health wise and visited the vet a few weeks ago with a clean bill of health. She is friendly with other dogs and cats. Peaches should not be around small children. She loves to give kisses and hugs. She can go upstairs but was never trained to go down for her safety. She will walk on a leash but prefers to […]


Penny is a 4 yr old, 10 pound Pomeranian.  In typical Pommie style, Penny loves to snuggle…. and to run in the yard.  Penny plays with the other pups in her foster home, but is happy just hanging out in the evenings. Penny sleeps in the big bed, loves walks and is working on housetraining.  Penny came to us from an abuse situation, but is learning about love and trust in her foster home.  This sweet Pomeranian is is fostering […]


Mojo is a 2 year old, 12 lb. Pomeranian Chihuahua mix.  This adorable little boy is a very loving and active pup who loves to run and play. He loves to snuggle in the evening and sleep in the big bed.  Mojo is very smart and anxious to please.  He’s fine with the other pups in his foster home, and is good with gentle children. He answers to his name and knows simple tricks.  He is working on house training.  […]


My name is Chip, and I’m an 18 month old Shih Tzu/Silky Terrier Mix boy who weighs 16 lbs.  My favorite things include playing with my tennis ball, going for long walks or car rides, and lounging on the couch with a person who gives me belly rubs!  I’m very smart, and have already learned how to sit & stay, and I’m ready to learn more things.  I have soft silky fur, and sweet brown eyes and I’m all ready […]


Hi, My name is Carmel Hot Fudge, my friends call me Fudge. I am a 6 1/2 year old, 10 lb, liver and white Shih Tzu girl, which makes me sort of special. My hair is dark brown, but I have light brown eyes and a brown nose!  I am a clown and get along with other dogs.  I am a little shy at first but warm up really, really fast.  I’m pretty good on my  leash, and love to travel. I have good […]


My name is Tucker, and I am a 4 year old Shih Tzu. My foster mommy thinks I might be mixed with Poodle, because when she gives me a bath, my hair gets really curly! I weigh about 12 pounds. I like to play with my foster siblings, but I’m also happy on my own, chewing on a toy or bully stick. I can be energetic with the other dogs, or calm and loving, by your side. As long you […]


Lily is a sweet, shy, 5 year old, 12 lb. Shih Tzu – Poodle mix.  She was found as a stray, rescued from a ditch, but her new family lived in a ‘no pets allowed’ apartment, and couldn’t keep her. They called us, and Lily became an official ‘furbaby’.  Lily is house trained, and is learning to enjoy leash walks.  This adorable brown and white “Shih-Poo” loves to run in the yard, and when she’s happy she hops like a little lamb!!  Lily has […]


Millie is a sweet and laid – back adult Shih Tzu lady who weighs 15 lbs.  She came to rescue from a breeder, and is ready for a quiet life where she can be pampered and loved.  Millie is coming along nicely with house training, and will need to continue her lessons.  This pretty Tzu gets along well with her foster siblings, and especially enjoys the company of her female Tzu friend.  Sweet Millie is fostering in the Northeast, and […]