Brussels Griffon


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Morgan is a ​10 lb, 11 year old little Shih T​zu / Brussels Griffon mix.    girl with several health problems.  With a grade 4 (out of 6) heart murmur, she is on medication for her heart.  Morgan has had several syncopal episodes.  Some people think it is a seizure.  What actually happens is her heart stops for a second or two, her blood pressure drops, her brain is suddenly missing oxygen so she collapses.  But her heart resumes immediately & […]


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Hi, my name is Annie. I am a very sweet 7 year old Brussels Griffon. I weigh abut 10 pounds. I adore kids, cats & other dogs. I have an adorable underbite which is part of my Brussels Griffon charm. When I’m happy my whole body wiggles. I love to go for car rides & to just be near my people.  I lived for a long time in a commercial kennel, and am still working on my house training, so […]