Sunshine Seniors


Stephen is a laid-back little Shih Tzu who is 10 yrs. old and weighs 12 lbs.  He is just learning how to play and loves his squeaky rubber chicken.  He’ll play with it, then talk to it!  Stephen is blind due to dry eye, and he loves to be cuddled and patted.  He likes to play with other dogs, but seems to prefer the company of people.  If he senses he may be alone, he may “speak” to make sure […]


Raffi is an active 10 yr. old Shih Tzu boy who weighs 9 lbs.  He follows his foster mom everywhere, and goes outside to potty when taken on a regular basis.  Raffi likes to play with other dogs his size and will play with toys by himself.  Due to Raffi’s dry eye, his vision is impaired but it doesn’t seem to stop him from being the wonderful little guy he is!  He is on a soft foods diet due to […]


Misty is a very sweet little Shih Tzu girl who is about 7 yrs. old and weighs 16 lbs. She came into rescue from a breeding kennel and has blossomed nicely in her foster home. Misty is very good with other dogs, cats and gentle children. Misty was recently diagnosed with hypo-thyroid, but with medication, she is expected to live a normal happy life. She has learned to trust and has been enjoying receiving lots of love. She will use wee pads and goes […]


Scruffy is a 10 yr. old male Shih Tzu who weighs 13 lbs.  He is a very sweet boy who loves walks and rides in the car, and is very much a lap dog. He is a little grumpy around men, but has gotten much better over time. He is nicely housetrained and is good with other dogs and children, but doesn’t really interact with them. He’s an adorable little boy who will warm your heart. Scruffy the Shih Tzu […]


Rudy is an adorable 10 year old, 14 lb. Shih Tzu boy needing a place to relax after living in a commercial breeding facility. Rudy is an excellent student and is quickly learning to trust humans. This Shih Tzu boy loves to be held and will follow you everywhere once he gets to know you. He is learning to walk on a leash, is housetrained when taken out on schedule, but needs to be reminded that yards are not just […]

Miss Becky

Meet Miss Becky, a beautiful 11 year old Peke is looking for someone to love. This beautiful , 19 lb princess is healthy and happy with beautiful, shiny, black, absolutely luxurious hair and big brown eyes. She is very sweet and loving and is good with other dogs, kids and cats. Miss Becky loves tummy rubs, walks on the beach, sunsets, and snuggling (Oh wait – that’s me).  She walks great on a leash and loves to sleep in bed […]