Meet Chet!  He is a 5-6 year old Westie mix who is absolutely adorable.  Chet is very sweet and gets along with all of his furbaby siblings. He is a fairly quiet dog with many endearing traits.  He will walk up behind you and put a paw on your leg to get your attention and the way he tilts his head will simply make you melt.  Chet is low key and loves to just sit by your side with his paws crossed in front of him.  He likes to go for walks and will be easy to housetrain.  He is also a low maintenance little boy. He does shed but only minimally and he should be brushed at least once a week.   Chet could be an only dog if his human works from home or is home most of the day.  He would do well in most households as long as you are OK with a lovable couch potato.   This adorable Westie mix is fostering in Philadelphia and can travel to his forever home.

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