This is our sweet new foster, Chewy. Chewy is a beautiful blonde boy with a black face. He is a 9 year old, 15lb, male Shih Tzu. Sadly, Chewy’s mom died and he was surrendered to our rescue. Chewy is everything you could want in a new little companion – cuddly, adorable, playful and house trained. Chewy comes when called and has no health issues. He is welcome in the big bed but often chooses to sleep under the bed or in a doggie bed in the bedroom. Chewy walks well on a leash and his two favorite things are playing ball and just poking about in the yard. Well his REAL favorite thing is …… chickens…. and running along the fence looking at chickens and sniffing at chickens. It is so fun to watch. Chewy is not a pushy little guy. He doesn’t jump up and beg and is not vocal. I do not ever recall even hearing him bark. And he is smart – he learns quickly just by observing the other pups. Chewy is indifferent to cats and would be fine as an only dog or with another mellow dog. He would love it if he could spend time outside in a safely fenced yard. Chewy is in Florida and can travel to his forever home.

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