In Memoriam

In Memoriam

On this page, we pay tribute to loved ones who have moved on from this life. Beloved souls who have left an enduring mark in our heart. We honor them for their treasured presence in our lives, and the lives of our furbabies. They are not forgotten, could never be forgotten. Their legacy is a part of us. The time we had together made our world a better place.

The following have generously donated to Shih Tzus & Furbabies as a way of paying respect to the memory of a departed loved one. If you would like to celebrate the memory of a special someone in this way, please email us or complete a donation form

In memory of our sweet Max ~ Mark Wilke
In memory of my Bichon, Kathy ~ Stephanie Morgan
In memory of Lily ~ Marilyn Carminio
In memory of Izzy ~ Ronald Albertson
In memory of our Mika, one of the Miami 45 who we loved so very much.  ~ Mary Coll
In memory of Chloe, a/k/a Wendy, that we adopted from STFBR 7 yrs. ago. She passed away in Aug. 2016 ~ Nancy Yeary
In memory of my Bear and Ebby ~ Mary Anderson
Destiny wants to sponsor Truman in memory of Darte.~ Andrea Schleicher

Miss Maddie – gone 1 yr on 2/19/17~ Scot Bowen
In memory of Drew~ Elise Ryan

In memory of Sammy and Gina, my two STFBR furbabies~ Helen M. Walden

In memory of Snoopy and Charlie Brown ~ Sharon Templeman

In memory of Precious Childers the love of my life ~ Julie Childers

In memory of Alicia Hensley Anderson. Jim, Nancy, Jack, Zach, and I have been thinking about you, your family, and friends during this difficult time. Love, Andrea ~ Andrea Schurr


In memory of my first love Taye Taye ~ Melissa Byers

In memory of Mr. Rudy, Mini, Samantha & Grace ~ Victoria Trifari

In memory of Buddy ~ Sharon Johnson

In memory of Daisy, Sophie, Brittany, Xena and Sammy ~ Miriam Henoch

In memory of Atie (May 8, 2006 – October12, 2016) ~ James Mahoney

In memory of Alicia Hensley Anderson ~ Patricia Morokoff

In memory of Petey and Max ~ Mark Wilke

In memory of Frodelein and Findelen ~ Margaret Wilder

In memory of Zoey Tank ~ Karen Tank

In memory of my aunt, Alice Walrath ~ Pat Rourke

In memory of my darling Tzus, Mia & Milo ~ Laura Marie

In Memory of James W. (Wally) Bridges
Gwen P Cordes
The United States Dept of Labor, DFEC – Debra Harvey and Norinne O’Brien
Al and Meredith Coley


In memory of our Charlie’s Moma Della. TY beautiful girl!!!!!! ~Marci Tripicco

In Memory of Morgan and Maggie. ~Elizabeth Johnson

In memory of my Shih Tzu “Daisey”. She died April 15, 2013 at age 11. She was my first Tzu and best friend in the whole world. She will always be loved. ~ Rita Barberousse

Continuing to remember Marie Hawk Hatcher and how much she loved this group. Helping our little furbabies in her name. ~ Victoria A. Harris

In loving memory of Ty Edelson. ~Donald Kopinski

For our friend, Sandra Comstsock, in loving memory of Bailey ~ from Sherry Ebel and Audrey Collins

In loving memory of Debbie Langford. ~ Sophia, Suzie, Rocky and Joann Van Sciver

In loving memory of Debbie Langford.  ~ Tony & Renee Vadala

In loving memory of Debbie Langford. ~ Marjorie Kroll

In loving memory of Debbie Langford. ~ Nana’s Quilting

In loving memory of Debbie Langford. ~ Barbara A. Jernigan

In Loving Memory of Debbie Langford. ~ Hope, Faith, Love and Jean Stocker Higgins

In Memory of Debbie Langford. ~ Lisa W. Wylie and “Dudders” (Thanks for your love and kind heart and for taking such care of me, Debbie. Love, Dudley)

In Memory of Marie H Hatcher. Although we never met I want to donate to your life dream of helping these babies. ~Lynn Hawkins

Continuing to remember Marie Hawk Hatcher and how much she loved this group. Helping out little furbabies in her name. ~Victoria A. Harris

In loving memory of Ty Edelson. ~Donald Kopinski

In Memory of Mia. Our wonderful little girl that we miss so much! ~ Laura Marie

In Memory of Oliver for Sonia Kochhar. You clearly were meant for each other. I hope you both have found some peace. It was an honor and pleasure to have met and worked with you both. ~ M. Susaanti Follingstand

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~Roxie McNabb

In Memory of Lucas Ambrose-Reynolds. ~Lyra Ambrose

For Richard and Diane Wright in memory of Nikki. She was the sweetest dog anyone could ever hope to share their life with, and she will be missed. ~Kelli Thomas

In Memory of Marie Hawk Hatcher. ~Joann Carlino

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Cindy Spadaro

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Mary Coll

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Stephanie Corrao

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Suzanne Beranek

In Memory of Mo who died during surgery for stones. Please help another little one with stones. Thanks for all you do. You are incredible. ~Karen Swantek

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Marsha Donarum

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Jan Hunn

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Robin Persily

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Barbara Jernigan

In Memory of Marie Hatcer. ~ Donna Forsythe

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Susan Genecco

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Valerie Merrill

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Al and Meredith Coley

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Renee Anthony

While I never had the pleasure of meeting Marie, I feel that I knew her a little bit from the wonderful comments on stfbr as well as her posts about rescue and fostering. What an incredible life and may she have peace and joy in the beyond. ~ Debra Burger

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Victoria Trifari

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Rex Hunn

In Memory of Marie, a beautiful soul who has saved so many furbabies. May her work continue for many years to come. ~ Jean Stocker Higgins

In  Memory of Marie Hawk Hatcher. ~ Victoria Harris

Rest in Peace, Marie. Your work with STFBR is a beautiful legacy and will never be forgotten. ~ Laura Marinari

In Memory of Marie Hatcher with love. ~ Mark and Kathy Mathis

In Memory of Marie Hatcher. ~ Joanna Van Sciver

In loving memory of Marie Hatcher for her courageous battle and for her love of life. May you rest in peace my friend. ~ Renee Vadala

In Memory of the beautiful Marie Hatcher. ~ David Blair

Let this donation help some pups get free. And they can think Marie, a beautiful Rescue Angel in Heaven. ~ Patti Graham & Patti Smith

In Memory of Dale Harris. ~ Marilyn Hayes

In Memory of Dale Harris. ~ Al and Meredith Coley

In Memory of Dale Harris. ~ Carolann Costa

In Memory of Dale Harris. ~ Donna Forsythe

In Memory of Dale W. Harris. ~ Cheryl Jackson

In Memory of Dale Harris from Hertzbach & Company. ~ Robin and Keith Oliver

In memory of Dale Harris. ~ Drucilla Denson, Diane Smith, Jerry Stephen Carroll, and Tony Denson.

In Memory of Dale Harris. ~ Shelley Johnson

In Memory of Dale Harris. ~ Debra Greco

In Memory of Dale Harris. ~ Peter Burr

In Memory of Dale Harris with love. ~ Cousin Sonny, Jacie & Billy Ragan

In Memory of Dale Harris. ~ Maxine Mayer

In Memory of Dale Harris.  ~ Donna Quine

In Memory of Dale Harris. ~ Marsha Donarum

In Memory of Dale Harris. ~ Laura Marinari

In Memory of Dale Harris. ~ Robin Brickman

In tribute to my father who suddenly passed on December 20, 2012. Dad, I realize now that nothing will ever be the same….a part of me went with you when you left.  I miss you very much and wish I could have said goodbye and tell you that I love you.You will be in my heart forever.
Love, Sandra

In memory of Fransesca M. Lane, my grandmother, who taught me to love all living things. ~Deborah Lane

In Memory of Frank E. Outen, 1926-2012, I know that Belle and Obi met you at the Rainbow Bridge.  ~Shirley Outen

In Memory of Heather Darling and her love for animals…~Pamela Cahalan

In Memory of Rocky Thomas-Serafin from Renee Vadala

In Memory of Max Elston from Brennan Elston

In loving memory of my three girls, Casey, Alice and Kelly.
I love you and miss you so much.
~Lael Ward

In memory of Lawrence Walter

from Peter Russo

from Sheila and Tim Jones

from friends at Saft America

from Alan and Denise MacDonald

on behalf of the faculty of the John Paterson School in Newington, CT

from Lindsay M. Prange

from Mary Lou and John Prange


In Memory of Louise Carper from Michael & Jeanne DeSanto

In memory of Tessa’s sweet Charlie (CharBear), 5-26-11 to 11-27-11.
Gone too soon, my baby boy.

In Loving memory of Snoop and Bonsai~”Everyday we have them are a gift, and those we’ve lost light the evening sky for us” Forever in our hearts.
Love Pam and Mike Semo

In memory of Chloe, our sweet sweet Cocker Spaniel, I know you are waiting for us at the bridge. We love you.
~Mom, Dad, Lea, Elizabeth, Marie, Anabelle and Levi

In loving memory of Simba Yoon from Cara Lanard

In memory of my dad who loved his little girl Laci. I miss you daddy.
Love, Stephanie Corrao

In memory of ACE – the Detroit emaciated pitty who was euthanized even though the rescue community was ready to take and love him. ~ Blaney Harper

In loving memory of our friend, Simba – from Lilly Heong

In loving memory of Mr. Peanut from Dave & Rachel Devine

In Memory of Wayne Sharpe from Chris and Phil Wyrick

In Memory of My Daughter “Nicole Graf” ~ Sunrise July 1980 – Sunset May 29, 2005.
~ Karin McGruder

In honor of Beth Ann Breeden who put her heart and soul into Shih Tzus & Furbabies.
~ Becky Sims, Robin Sims, Bryan Hurst, Jim and Marla Wadsworth & Family, Mike and Susie Roach & Family, Willeen Stuckey, Tony and Angie Stuckey & Family

Even though we didnt know you Tooter, your mama is a good friend. She has told how much she loved you and how special you were.
~Jo & Lee

In memory of a special little friend who brought much joy. We will always miss you, ~Markie Jo and Lee

To Karen & Ernie – In loving memory of a beautiful black lab named “Winnie”
from Tuesday Nite Friends.

In loving memory of Joe Dengler from Donna & Dennis Forsythe

In loving memory of Eileen Brown Curtiss Gibney from Steve & Kathy Biedenbach

In memory of our beloved Kayce. ~Christina Davis

In loving memory of Alice, who will always have a special place in our hearts.
Donna & Dennis Forsythe

In memory of our sweet little girl Abby Lynn (aka Alice.) We love you and miss you so much and we know we’ll see you again at Rainbow Bridge.
Patti, Jim & Caitlin Cacciatore

In memory of our beloved “Zeus aka Champion Blumoon Most Wanted”
~Ginny Ross and Dante Marco

In loving memory of sweet Markie. He touched many of our lives and will be greatly missed. ~Donna Forsythe

In memory of Markie who brought Barb and Joe Dengler so much joy and love.
~Pamela Gall

With Loving Memories to Markie for all the ways you made us laugh and for all you overcame. I will miss you my friend.
Love, Tucker & Family

In loving memory of my sweet Lexie who’s waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.
~ Elizabeth Miklus

In memory of Coco….Our 13 year old Havanese whose memory will remain in our hearts forever! ~Tammy Schwartz

In memory of our girl, Savannah. We loved every minute we got to spend with you. We know you are in a better place and are waiting to see us again.
Love, Pat and Dean Wenz

In loving memory of Pumba, a very special STFBR dog.
I miss you so much. You are irreplaceable.

click Pumba’s image to view his tribute video >

In memory of Snapper, who was loved very much and will be missed. 0/1/94 to 04/26/10.
~from the Schrage family

In loving memory of Bruno, who crossed the Bridge 3 years ago – to help all the dogs at Shih Tzus and Furbabies, but especially Keaton who I hope finds the perfect home since I could not be his foster mom.
~Teresa Elshaug

My precious Benji “boo”, a shih tzu rescue who reminded me each and every day how important and life-changing second chances can be. I miss you so much, Boo Man!!
~ Lisa Hartzog

In loving memory of Sharon Kupiec from John & Brenda Sari

In loving memory of Spunky Jabara from Dolores Jabara

In loving memory of Sprite, my first best friend, who taught me what it is to love unconditionally.
~Amanda Scarcella

In memory to the families that lost a dear loved one and to the unwanted.
~The Schrages

In loving memory of Tchin-Tchin Biedenbach
from Steve and Kathy.

In loving memory Joanne Hart’s doggies, Tai and Bella.
Love, Seth & Tennille xoxo

Scott Folsom

In memory of Ruby, a Shih Tzu & Furbaby rescue. She will be dearly missed.
~Chris Allbert, on behalf of Victoria DeBene

In loving memory of Tai and Bella.
~ Joanne Hart

In loving memory of my sweet chi Minnie, used as a bait dog, adopted from the shelter, loved and adored for 5 years. Taken away too soon – I miss you every day and can’t wait to see you at the “BRIDGE”
~ your mom, Char Finotti

In memory of Teddy, a 17-year-old Pekingese who was much loved by his family in St. Pete, Florida. He was the best dog ever and will be greatly missed.

In memory of all the wonderful pets that have blessed my life.
~The Farnham Family~

Our Beloved Millie, who came out of a puppymill but could not escape the damage done.
We miss you so much.
Love, Tucker and family

We miss you and think about you every day, Maceo. We can’t believe it’s been a year.
You are forever in our hearts.
Love, Main Mom and Mama B.

In loving memory of Skittles from Carole Steele

In memory of Joe Dengler, who will be missed. Barb, may God bless you and keep you with the love and memories of Joe kept deep in your heart.
~ Warren and Pam Gall

In memory of my son Steven, who loved dogs & cats.
~ Patty Graham

In memory of Joseph Dengler
from Alex Zerden

In memory of Pandora and Sabrina.
Please forgive me for not doing right by you so many years ago.

In Loving Memory of Joe Dengler.
We miss you so much!
Love always, Lynn Martin- Bandit, Bongo, Gabe and Gracie

In memory of Miss Meaghan Marie Coley from Kathleen Molenaar

In memory of Miss Meaghan. Prayers for you and Al in your loss, and thanks for Meaghan’s inspiration that has helped you save so many pups!
~ Sue Genecco

In loving memory of our sweet boy, Andy – rescued, adopted, loved and cherished. We miss you so much. Briefly in our lives – forever in our hearts…
~ Ann & Doug Rappel, Sunny and Jake

In loving memory of Snoopy – she was rescued from a puppy mill by STFBR, fostered in FL, and showered with love in MA.
Love, Sharon Templeman

In memory of Joe Dengler and his loving support of STFBR from Kathleen Molenaar

In memory of Joseph Dengler, spouse of Barbara Dengler, who will be remembered fondly by the countless rescued babies he has touched over the years.
~ Blaney Harper

In Loving Memory of Joseph Dengler from:
Chris, Sonya, & “Stormy” Allen
Ellen Mulholland
Raymond Comazzi
Donna Hardiman
Renee Vadala
Terri McCleary
“All is Well”
from Barbara’s friends at Charles Towne Landing
Motley Rice LLC

In Memoriam Donation from Kenneth Hoyt

In Loving Memory of Sammy “Miami” and Randy “The Ranster”,
sweet little heartbeats at my feet.
Love, Lisa Hartzog

In Loving Memory of Belle and Obi – Someday we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge!
~ Shirley Outen

In Loving Memory of Bruno – It’s been two years and I still miss him so much.
~ Frank Elshaug

In loving memory of Margaret (Nana) Andress by Christine Hoyt
“We love you and miss you!!!”

In memory of Phil De Riso and his pal, Jingles
from Susan Kalebi

In loving memory of my dear little shih tzu Misha. You brought incredible love & joy to my life. I’ll miss you always.
Love, Karen Laguatan

In Loving Memory of Mildred Bugbee (Mom) – Happy Birthday. We miss you.
Love, Lori and Bob.
P.S. Finley picked the Charity

In memory of our beloved furbaby, EmmyLou.
from Bette Boddy

In loving memory of my baby girl, Doodles
Love, Karen Parmese

In memory of Chip, our precious cocker/tzu.
The 5 years we had you in our lives were the best ever. We miss you so much it hurts.
Special thanks to the Parmer family in GA who fostered Chip before he came to us.
Love always, John, Mary “Mommy” & Timothy

To Barbara and Ron
in memory of their beloved dog, Cody from Auntie Gloria and the “cousins.”
“We know he will be truly missed.”

In loving memory of Shirley Rindner from:
Gretchen Minton and family
Helen Baril
Susan Erickson
Warren & Pam Gall
Sandra Harris
Peggy Minus
Kathleen Molenaar
Renee Vadala
Deborah K. Ackerman

In memory of SuSu, my little Shih Tzu queen from Kathy Goolsby.
You will be in my heart forever.

Amy, Tom, Grant and MaryGrace Jackson in loving memory of Gizmo and Nicky, their sweet Lhasa Apso boys who passed away one year ago. “Gizmo and Nicky: we will never forget you babies. Mommy will carry you both in my heart for eternity.”

In loving memory of Dasher from Michael A. Cubria

“We miss and love you, Maceo! Love, Main Mom and Mama B.”

In memory of Mindy’s “Mocha” from Elaine Lukowski.

Linda Burroughs in loving memory of my little PeeWee.

Patricia Baute in loving memory of “My Mookie.”

Julia Atalay in loving memory of my sweet angel, Brandy – 10/91 to 8/21/07 – I miss you and think about you every day.

Shirley Outen in loving memory of Belle and Obi

Bonnie Boaz in loving memory of Lady

Deborah Reddy in memory of all the rescued babies that have passed through our lives.

In loving memory of Timothy “Timmy” Thompson, a loving father and husband. Your fur kids miss you dearly. We love you. Danielle, Brendan, Kylee, Chandler, Zipper, Zoey, Will, and Carson.

From Kara Kirby “in loving memory of our Shih Tzu, Ling Ling”

From Angela Schmidt in loving memory of Taffy

In memory of Miss Mya Rieder, “the beautiful one”, With lots of love from Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Megan, Zo Zo and Sophie!

From Roberta Davidson in memory of our beloved and dearly missed, Ed.

“In memory of Kody J and his tremendous spirit, and love for his mom, JJ.” With love, Lisa, Tony and Dakota.

Barbara Harrison in memory of Jack Diamond, the beloved dog talker.

Sylvia Fredricks – in memory of my sweet “brother”, Sonny.
Love and miss you, Sylvia.

In memory of my precious furbaby Starlight.
Silma Sanchez

In memory of “Jackson, my dear little friend”
Mary Ann Burns

In Loving Memory of Siggi, Tito, Ella, Pebbles, Ryan, Sonsie, SnowCap, Penny and Anna and Shamash.
Rona Okin

In loving memory of my constant companion, Idgie Mae.
Sherrie Gergovich

In loving memory of Angelina Ballerina Nakayama,
our sweet 15-year-old rescued black lab, who died of chronic renal failure in March of 2007. We love you and miss you so much, Angie. Love, Mommy and family xoxo

In honor of Bob and Bentley Bryan:
Lisa Bryan

In honor of Margaret Krass’s birthday:

In memory of Muriel Martin:
Carolyn Anderson

In loving memory of their “Girly” Tallouhla:
Pat & Dean Wenz

In loving memory of Doris Sammis:
Donna Sadrovitz
Al and Meredith Coley
Margo and Tom Bertin
Ellen and Frank Kanz
Steve and Joan Kutoloski
Louise Wilson

In memory of Robert Flynn:
Larry Wallace
Mary Meany

In memory of Ann Rappel’s loving little boy, Sunny. May he Rest in Heavenly Peace with Andy! ~Valerie Merrill

In memory to my father who passes away December 20, 2012. We miss you terribly.~Sandra Harris

In loving memory of Prince Valiant. (French Poodle, 9 years old) ~ Carole Rayburn

In Memory of Oliver: My soul mate and heart dog. You deserved a long, happy, healthy life and were taken away too soon. I will forever cherish every moment we had together. I long to hold you, my sweet and innocent little boy, one last time and look into your content beautiful brown eyes. Thank you Meredith for giving me the privilege of being Oliver’s mom. I will forever be grateful and indebted to you for bringing my baby Oliver into my life. ~Sonia Kochhar

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