Jazz is a young Yorkie -Poo, (Yorkshire Terrier – Poodle) boy.  This adorable 13 lb boy is a playful, happy dog who acts like a puppy.  He loves playing with other dogs but thinks cats are for chasing.  Jazz likes squeaky toys the best & loves playing tug-of-war with his foster siblings.  Running & exploring outside is great fun but must be in a fenced-in yard.  This little boy needs frequent brushing due to his curly hair.  He is housetrained & will even go out in the rain! Jazz needs a home with either a stay-at-home parent or at least one other young dog for company.  Jazz can be ‘mouthy’ and needs an experienced dog person who can further his behavior training.  He loves to play but can get nippy & assertive.  A true Terrier, he barks when he sees activity outside.  Jazz is fostering in Florida, and can travel.


Jazz 3 crop Jazz 25Apr2015 edit Jazz after 1 Jazz after best

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