Khloe and Kylee

Hi, our names are Khloe and Kylee. We are a sweet, affectionate 3 yr. old pair of bonded
Maltese. We are affectionate little white angels who love to cuddle on a chair, sofa and in bed.
Khloe ( 9.1 lbs)., and Kylee (10.4) lbs. love to be groomed and get belly rubs. This bonded pair
love to give each other kisses and walk well together. They love to go for car rides and are very
well behaved. We are working on house training and they are doing well with frequent bathroom
breaks. This bonded pair would do well with a quiet stay at home or workathome
family that can continue their housetraining. They are good with other dogs and cats and adjusted quickly to their new environment.
Khloe and Kylee are currently fostering in Central Massachusetts.


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