Oscar is a black, brown & white Shih Tzu who weighs about 13 lbs & is about 14 years old.  He was rescued as a stray by a schoolgirl who loved him for over 5 years.  When she graduated from high school, she went out of town to college.  Her mother refused to take care of the dog.  Heartbroken, the student was happy to find STFBR.  Oscar has become a Daddy’s boy who wants to be wherever my husband is.  He is content to be a couch potato on the recliner during TV viewing or a close companion on the outside bar deck while entertaining neighbors.  If his Daddy leaves in the car, Oscar lies on the back of the recliner so he can watch out the window for the car to return.  He must sleep on the floor next to the big bed so he can guard his precious human.  Oscar is going deaf but must continue to be the guard dog.  He must especially protect us against the Italian Mastiff next door.  Even if he can’t see her or hear her, he is sure she is over there somewhere so he barks the warning that she had better behave.  He continues to bark until he feels the percussion of me clapping my hands to signal him to come  into the house.








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