Sweet Pea and Button

Sweet Pea is an 8 yr old, gold and white Shih Tzu, and her brother Button is an 8 yr old black and white Japanese Chin / Maltese mix,(who looks like a Shih Tzu).  These adorable kids weigh 12 lbs each.  Sweet Pea has the sweetest little face – every time you look at her, your heart just melts. She is very affectionate and will come right up to your face, looking for a kiss. Button loves to cuddle in your lap, and just wants to be with you.  They are house trained, love to play with gentle children and adults, and with their furbaby siblings.  They walk well on a leash, love walks in the park, or just hanging in the backyard.  Sweet Pea and Button are a bonded pair, they have been together since they were 10 wks old, and even sleep in the same bed.  If you are looking for two sweet furbabies, look no further!  Sweet Pea the Shih Tzu and Button the Japanese Chin / Maltese mix will be great companions and wonderful additions to your family.


Malteese mix Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu


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