Yogi is a super handsome Pomeranian boy who has a very sweet temperament!  This little guy is about 5 yrs. old and weighs 12 lbs.  He came to rescue from a shelter, so his exact back round is unknown.  He loves to wake up early in the morning, eager to play with toys and have breakfast.  Yogi has a very pleasant temperament, and loves chin, ear and back rubs.  He is working nicely on house training skills, and does well when taken for regular breaks.  Learning to use puppy pads, has come easy for him as well.  This sweetheart has a bashful and timid side, so a quiet, low-key home with adults may be best.  Yogi the Pomeranian is fostering in Florida, and waiting for his own parents to love. A home with another dog would be ideal for Yogi, since he seems to find comfort in their companionship.

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