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Spike is a three year old brown and black Chihuahua Pug mix who weighs about ten pounds. He is a very sweet, low key boy who wants nothing more than a soft lap to curl up on. It takes him about two days to warm up to his human, but after that he will be your best friend and may take the place of your shadow. A lover of ear rubs and nose kisses, this little boy would do well […]


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Patriot is a well behaved 6 yr old male Pug who likes nothing better than to lay in your lap and snuggle. This ​sweet ​23 pound boy loves being near his people, and sleeps in the big bed. Patriot is a very happy fellow who will follow you anywhere, especially if you have food. He loves the outdoors and walking around the yard. He is a quiet, good natured pup. Because he started life in a breeding kennel, he is […]

Roxie the Pug

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    Hi, my name is Roxie. I am a sweet 6 year old Pug girl and I weigh 17 pounds. I have the softest pug coat and the cutest Pug tail. Some people even say my tail looks like a cinnamon roll! I am a quiet lady and I rarely make any noise at all. I am very smart and completely house trained, too! I am discovering the outdoors and now I love to spend some time sniffing around in […]