Morgan is a ​10 lb, 11 year old little Shih T​zu / Brussels Griffon mix.    girl with several health problems.  With a grade 4 (out of 6) heart murmur, she is on medication for her heart.  Morgan has had several syncopal episodes.  Some people think it is a seizure.  What actually happens is her heart stops for a second or two, her blood pressure drops, her brain is suddenly missing oxygen so she collapses.  But her heart resumes immediately & she regains consciousness.  Looking confused, she recovers quickly.  She has had an episode once every couple months, usually starting with a peculiar yelp that has become recognizable to me. The episodes have always happened when Morgan is stressed by something. She is a sweet little girl who usually stays away from activity since she is small & doesn’t want to be run over by other dogs or stepped on by people.  Morgan doesn’t miss mealtimes or treats & magically appears when she knows there is food handy.  She loves exploring the yard & would spend most of her time outside if able.  She will even go out in the rain.  She gets around well despite her wobbly little legs.  Morgan loves to be held and likes to sleep in the big bed.

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